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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Weekend in Cornwall with the ROI

At the beginning of June some members and friends of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters set off for Looe in  East Cornwall and set about a weekend of painting.  The group included ROI President, Ian Cryer PROI, Vice President Tim Benson VPROI, Natalia Avdeeva ROI, David Pilgrim ROI and Myself. The weather was very changeable and we were lucky to get some sun mixed in with a lot of cloud and rain.  It was great to work with other painters on similar subjects and see how everyone tackled things differently. Equally enjoyable were the evenings chatting, swapping stories and talking about painting.  It was a great weekend.

I came away with 12 paintings from the weekend.  My main interest was trying to tackle the balance between tone and colour.  It was a challenge, when the sun came out the colours were incredible and saturated in contrast to the greys and limited tonal range that appeared as soon as the rain clouds blew over. I was particularly drawn to the coastline and distance while some where inspired by the fishing village itself and the activity it had to offer.

Below are some of the pieces I painted.  Some I may make larger paintings from using the colours as a reference, others will stay as happy memories of a good weekend.

The painting below was the first one I completed alongside David Pilgrim ROI on the first day.  We painted from the pier/jetty where it was very windy and overcast.  The sea water was splashing over the top of the walkway and finally reached our easels and where we were standing. 

Looking East from the Pier at Looe
Me and David with water slowly advancing!

The next painting was completed when the sun was out later in the weekend.  It was a great spot a short drive up the hill from Looe recommended by fellow painter Natalia Avdeeva ROI who had painted some great work there the day before.  This time looking west, the sea was a brilliant turquoise.  The second painting below was completed at the same spot on the beach, just turning towards the sea.  Although it was hot and sunny the haze had created quite a solid mid-tone of atmosphere which I didn't expect.  It's interesting that the things you notice working on location are often different to what you are expecting to pick up on and can sometimes surprise you.

Looking West from just outside Looe
St George's Island
Another two studies of the land and sea to the East of Looe.  These were painted from further out than my first painting of the trip at the pier two days earlier.  The yellow/green field on the background cliffs can be seen in all three paintings.

The group came together on the Sunday and we all painted from the beach at Looe.  I made a couple of oil sketches, one is below.  Once again we had to work quick as the brilliant sunshine soon gave way to cloud and rain. Ian Cryer PROI and Tim Benson VPROI can be seen in the photo below and produced some great paintings throughout the weekend.

From Looe Beach

Some members of the group painting at Looe Beach
After most had departed David and I thought we would check out the coast line further west.  This was the last painting I made in the trip and was one that I particularly enjoyed.  It was painted at Telland Bay between Looe and Polperro which was a trek into the unknown, but well worth the walk.

Telland Bay, Cornwall


  1. I posted a comment the other day Graham, but it seems to have got lost in the ether. Beautifully crafted paintings - my only gripe is they don't blow up any bigger - would love to have seen them full page size! Would love to have been with you guys - looks like it was a blast. Great work from a moderen master to be :)

    1. Thanks Peter - not sure what happened there, I am adding more images to my website which has been updated recently, I'll make sure they go on there! It was a great weekend and definitely a place to return to. I really like the recent work on your blog by the way - great poppies!
      All the best