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Friday, 3 February 2012

Mersea Shed

Another painting.  This one was a practice for a group of paintings I plan to do on Mersea Island a little later in the year.  I need to work into the pile of bits and pieces in front of the shed a little more, perhaps with some highlights, but for now I am quite pleased with the result.  The painting was intended to be a sketch which was more about testing a composition out rather than producing a finished painting.  I am hoping to produce quite a few plein air paintings on Mersea in a week and the results will hopefully form the centre of an exhibition later this year.

I tried to simplify the shadows that were cast oin the sunlit section of the shed by suggesting them rather than being too descriptive.  The shadow side is painted by wiping back an initial layer with a rag and then adding sugested detail on top with more opaque paint.

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