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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Year - New focus

I was very pleased with my progress last year from setting up my website to exhibiting in the Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition.  I hope to develop further this year and part of this is going to be to try and produce work every day.  It may be a 5 minute sketch or a finished painting, but either way I think it will be a challenge with a young family and full time job!  This will mean more work in the studio in the evenings after everyone has gone to bed, but more time in the studio is never a bad thing!  I will try to update the blog at least once a week with the work I have produced.

My efforts this evening are shown below.  Intended as sketches, they are quite free, but I still feel myself wanting to tighten into the detail - something to work on I think!  The first was from a still life set up in the studio - a little out of my comfort zone and a little overworked, I found it a bit of a challenge - maybe because it was the first in the series of a years worth of sketches.  The second was from a photo, it was the shape of the figures that  interested me.  Anyway - lets see what happens tomorrow!

Detail from 'The Conversation'

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